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Aquavaria is a unique Aquarium Design Company specializing in Custom Aquariums, Koi Ponds and water gardens and ofcourse our expertise and specialty, Reef Aquariums! Owned and operated by professionals with over thirty years experience in the industry, Aquavaria is the premier provider of custom designed Aquariums, Fish Ponds, Waterfalls and even Vivariums and Paludariums on the east coast.

Aquavaria specializes in state of the art, show quality coral reef Aquariums, high tech easy to maintain Koi Ponds, exotic designs,  custom Glass / acrylic tanks and filtration. Aquavaria is unrivaled in creativity, professionalism and service. With an emphasis on high-end installations there is nothing that cannot be done by our company. Servicing some of the most cutting edge and advanced Aquariums in New York there is no job too big. At the same time we are enthusiasts and hobbyists ourselves and we can accommodate anyone, big or Small.

Family owned and operated with decades of knowledge in the field.  Available to our customers Day and night, Aquavaria is what every boutique aquatic design company should be. Our work is unparalleled. Creating the ideal environment for the inhabitants of your Reef Aquarium or Koi Pond is of paramount importance. Our service is our trademark and our goal is to make your visions a reality.


Custom Designs

Aquavaria  specializes in Custom Glass or Acrylic Tank designs; from Saltwater to Freshwater, commercial to residential, exotic Coral Reefs to fully customized amphibious enclosures, Beautiful Koi Ponds, Water Gardens and Water Falls Aquavaria does it all, our work and ability is limited only by your imagination.

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 Aquarium Maintenance and Koi Pond Service is extremely important.  Aquavaria  prides itself on its impeccable service and the Maintenance of all Marine Fish, Corals, Koi Ponds, Amphibians and even Reptile Enclosures. We are available anytime day or night and are only a phone call away.
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