"I'm happy to be an Aquavaria maintenance customer. My 400 gallon marine aquarium was suffering, it looked bad, and I was  losing fish. The guys turned everything around, they explained the equipment I was lacking, and how to use that equipment. They installed the automated filtration remotely in my attic. Even my wife loved the system, no more mess or noise. They even guaranteed the fish for 30 days. I am so pleased, that now I'm having a state of the art Koi Pond installed by Aquavaria."  Roger from W. Islip

"We had one 240 gallon marine aquarium in our offices maintained by another aquarium design company, it never looked good, fish kept getting sick and dying. We thought of quitting, until we met Aquavaria. What a difference in service! The tank looked great. After a few months my partner had a 300 gallon coral reef aquarium installed in his office. It looks so good, now i want to convert my aquarium into a reef tank. We had a custom cabinet and automated filtration system upgrade, we are extremely satisfied with the craftsmanship and service. We now use Aquavaria for our pond service as well." Rich - Hauppauge

"Aquavaria, came highly recommend. I wanted a reef aquarium in a specific corner of my home. Rick and Phill worked with my interior decorator and came up with an excellent solution. A custom designed tank and cabinet that matched the decor exactly. We have made several upgrades, including installing a filtration and refugium system outside in my sunroom, now I have two beautiful aquariums. Rick and Phill have always been there for me when their expertise has been required for systems issues and advice. I can't say enough good things about Rick and Phill. Bruce - Massapequa"

"Although I was doing fairly well on my own, after firing several aquarium maintenance companies. My reef aquarium was taken to the next level after meeting Rick and Phill. They explained the system that I had was good, but lacking an efficient protein skimmer system with ozone. I could see the difference quickly after installation, clown fish I had for 4 years started spawning, algae cleared up, coraline grew. I was amazed! I appreciate the time they spend explaining things in a logical way.  My reef aquarium is looking better and better. I would highly recommend Aquavaria to anyone." Leonard - Brooklyn